5R44E, 5R55E

Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. F056

’97-Later with 4.0L

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Chances are, you have experienced the frustration of TCC application codes and/or the check engine light that never seems to go out. Eliminate your frustration with guaranteed remanufactured 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E and 5R55E valve bodies.

Most electrical problems with this valve body are virtually eliminated by stringent remanufacturing and testing procedures. The most important step in the remanufacturing process is installing a new OE EPC solenoid. Research has shown that over eighty-five percent of used EPCs do not meet testing criteria for optimum performance.This valve body receives an updated EPC bracket and pressure regulator boost valve and sleeve are replaced.

Finally, this valve body contains seven additional updates that are exclusive to this remanufactured valve body. All shift solenoids and lockup solenoids are tested three different ways. First, they are individually tested on a regular analog Sol-X for efficiency. They are individually tested on a digital Sol-X for amperage and calibration. Finally, they are tested on the valve body testing machine as part of the finished valve body, so you can rest assured that the product is going to get your customer back on the road.

Valve Body-to-Case Torque Specs: 71-97 in-lb
Low/Reverse Servo Cover-to-Case Torque Specs: 80-115 in-lb

  • 5R44E, 5R55E Remanufactured Valve Body F056