Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. F085

’98-Later, XF/YF Casting

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Pump and valve body bolts are tightened to 80-106 in-lbs

  • AX4S Remanufactured Valve Body F085

AXODE, AX4S Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part NumberDescription
[F081] (Warranty Only)AXODE, '91
[F082] (Warranty Only)AXODE, '92
[F083] (Warranty Only)AX4S, '93-'98 (Casting F4 with Tan Lockup Solenoid)
[F084] (Warranty Only)AX4S, '97-'98 (Casting F4 with Blue Lockup Solenoid)
F085AX4S, '98-'03 (Casting XF or YF)

AXODE Identification

The '91 valve body has a square lockup solenoid. The '92 valve body has a round, PWM-type TCC solenoid.


AX4S Identification

Casting Number Identification

The red arrow indicates the rough forging number location. If it is XF or YF, order F085.

Lockup Solenoid Indentification

The lockup solenoids have different resistance and can damage the trans axle processor if they are not matched correctly.

Beginning in 1997 with Lincoln and midway through 1998 on other models, the lockup solenoid changes from tan to blue. The blue lockup solenoid has approximately 14 Ohms of resistance, as opposed to 3 Ohms of resistance on the lockup solenoids of earlier units. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND checking the color of ALL lockup solenoids from '97-later before ordering.

The blue arrow indicates the lockup solenoid location.