Sonnax rebuilt valve body MIT226 is no longer in production. Please check with your distributor for availability. For service inquiries, please see details on Sonnax’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on remanufactured valve bodies.

KM 4-Speeds

Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. MIT226

14 Ohm Lockup Solenoid

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  • KM 4-Speeds Remanufactured Valve Body MIT226

KM 4-Speed Valve Body Identification


Please check the resistance of the lockup solenoid. Incorrect identification can cause the transaxle processor to malfunction!

ResistancePart NumberDescription
2-4 OhmsMIT225 (Warranty Only)KM 4-Speed, 3 Ohm Lockup Solenoid
13-15 OhmsMIT226 (Warranty Only)KM 4-Speed, 14 Ohm Lockup Solenoid