10-3/4" LU, 10-3/4" LU Late Production

Front Cover
Part No. CH-CC-6

CH-CC-6 is a modified version of CH-CC-4 and is used in 10-3/4" lockup converters with '96-later 5.9L engines. Since the engine external balance weight is mounted on the flexplate in this application, CH-CC-6 has undercuts to allow clearance for the balance weight. The cover is furnished with no weights or ring gear and must be balanced after assembly.

  • Fully machined forging
  • Direct replacement
  • Integral stop to facilitate installation of the ring gear
  • Longer lip makes it easier to reuse impeller

Use CH-CC-4 for the early 1992-95 5.9L engine where the balance weight is mounted to the converter and a 2° offset hole is used for the flexplate.

  • Material: AISI 1026 steel
  • Machining Process: Fully Machined Forging
  • Surface Finish: Bond

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  • 10-3/4" LU, 10-3/4" LU Late Production Front Cover CH-CC-6