Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. SUB130


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Save your existing manual valve for reuse with our remanufactured valve body.

Valve Body to Case Torque Specs: 71 in-lbs

  • 4EAT Remanufactured Valve Body SUB130

4EAT Solenoid Identification

WARNING: Wire color MUST match solenoid color!

Subaru 4EAT Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part NumberDescription
Currently, we do not carry Phase II, Version II style 4EAT valve bodies. Please refer below to see how to identify this version.

Year Identification

4EAT Valve bodies are similar in design but there are subtle differences in the physical casting, dependent upon model year.


Phase II, Version II Identification

The 4EAT Phase II, Version II was introduced starting in 2004 in the Forester Turbo. It was then phased in over the next two years in other models. Phase I and Phase II 4EAT valve bodies had 7 solenoids spread out all over the lower valve body. The Phase II Version II 4EAT has 6 solenoids grouped together under a metal plate with the EPC solenoid in a separate location.

These are the years and models when the Phase II Version II valve body started production:

  • 2004-Later Subaru Forester, Turbo
  • 2005-Later Subaru Forester, Non-Turbo
  • 2005-Later Subaru Legacy/Outback
  • 2005-Later Subaru Impreza, Non-Turbo
  • 2006-Later Subaru Impreza, Turbo