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A960E, A960F

Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. TOY960

January 16, 2014

Toyota A750E-A761E Identification Guide

Topics: Identification Guides Transmission Toyota/Lexus A760H Transmission AB60E Transmission AB60F Transmission A761E Transmission A750F Transmission A760E Transmission A750E Transmission A760F Transmission

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January 01, 2013

Toyota/Lexus A760E/F/H, A761E, A960E Solenoid Identification

Valve Body Xpress

Topics: Solenoid Identification Or Connector Pin Outs Remanufactured Valve Bodies Transmission Toyota/Lexus A960E Transmission A761E Transmission A760E Transmission A760F Transmission

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This valve body is available to distributors through the R&R service only.

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  • Toy960

Toyota A750E-A761E Identification Guide

A750E/F, A760E/F/H, A761E Valve Body ID Guide

A750 Series

5-Speed, 7 Solenoids

A760 Series

6-Speed, 9 Solenoids
Upper Valve Body

Lower Valve Body

A761E, A960E A760 & AB60E Valve Body ID

All of the solenoid ID and locations are the same. The only easy way to tell these units apart is the casting numbers.
Note: Proper identification of this valve body is critical!
Valve Body TypeLarge Lower Casting #Large Upper Casting #Small Lower Casting #Small Upper Casting #Small Lower Plate CodeSmall Upper Plate CodeLarge Plate Code

** For a quick identification, the SLU connector is Blue on these models.


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