Spring Retainer Kit
Part No. HO-RS-1K

Sonnax spring retainer kit HO-RS-1K features all the precisely-manufactured parts necessary to replace worn or damaged spring retainer components in Honda B7TA, B7VA and B7YA torque converters. This kit includes six complete spring retainer kit assemblies. Use as a direct replacement in all six locations where thicker springs are used, and a "B" is stamped on the piston.

Spring retainers and associated parts should be replaced in pairs directly opposite each other in the damper to maintain balance and prevent additional part failure. These replacement components are for the heavy spring only and cannot be used to replace the lighter spring assembly.

  • Damper Rivets (12)
  • Spring End Caps (12)
  • Damper Springs (6)
  • Spring Retainers (6)
  • Spring Guide (6)

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  • B7TA, B7VA, B7YA Spring Retainer Kit HO-RS-1K