1000/2000/2400, 2006-Later, Multi-Plate Performance Converter

Stator & Outer Stator Race Kit
Part No. AL-ST-2K

For use with performance converter kit AL-RK-2A.

The stator in Allison® 1000/2000/2400, 2006-later torque converters is prone to spin on its outer race due to failure resulting from inadequate OE serration design. Sonnax stator and outer stator race kit AL-ST-2K replaces stators that have spun on the OE outer race and prevents future rotation. This kit is designed with a stator cap specifically for Sonnax performance converter kit AL-RK-2A.

Sonnax highly recommends replacing assemblies which have not yet failed, especially in units where diesel performance is enhanced.

  • Redesigned splines are longer and deeper than OE serrations for superior holding power
  • No machining required

Complete assembly requires Sonnax sprag AL-SP-1, inner race AL-HR-2, OE snap ring and stator spacer. For OE rebuilds without the Sonnax performance converter kit AL-RK-2A, use AL-ST-1K.

  • Stator with Outer Race
  • Stator Cap

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