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245mm LU (3T40, 3L30, 200C, 4T60-E, 4L60 & E:S-10 only), 245mm LU Euro (5L40-E), 258mm (Captive Clutch), 258mm LU (4L60-E, 5L40-E), 280mm LU (4L60-E) “VJCX”, 298mm LU (250C, 350C, 200-4R, 4L60 & E), 300mm (4L60-E), 4L60 Performance Converter, 4L60-E (298mm) Performance Converter, 4L60-E (300mm) Performance Converter, 4L60-E (300mm) Performance Converter (Mounting Ring), 4L60/E (298mm) Performance Converter (Mounting Ring), 6L80 (300mm) Performance Converter, 6L80, 6L90 (300mm), 6L80, 6L90 (JMBX) Performance Converter, 6L90 (Captive Clutch), 6R80, 260mm (Late), 6R80, 280mm (Early), 6R80, 280mm (Late), A465, AS68RC, A6LF3, A750E, A860E, AB60E/F, JR403E, RG4R01A, RE4F04A/V (DA-37,DA-39;DA39), RE4R01A, RE4R03A, 250mm, RE4R03A, 280mm (DA-30;DA30), RE5R05A, RE7R01A (JR710E), RL4F02A (DA-11;DA11), RL4F02A (DA-13;DA13), RL4F02A (DA-42), TF-60SN (VW 09G), TR-60SN (VW 09D), Non-Captive Clutch, TR-80SD (0C8), ZF4HP18, ZF5HP19 (Captive Clutch), ZF5HP19 (Single Friction), ZF6HP19, 245mm, ZF6HP19, 245mm (LuK), ZF6HP21, 245mm (LuK), ZF6HP26, 255mm, ZF6HP26, 260mm

Hub Cover
Part No. MI-HC-B

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • For Hub Dia.: 1-3/4"
  • Length: 1.500"
  • Existing Customers: Contact your sales representative.
  • New Customers: Fill out the form and a sales representative will contact you.
  • Mi hc b