• Downshift clunk
  • Flare shifts
  • Harsh shifts
  • Shift concerns


Springs break or fatigue from continuous cycling.


Restore proper shift control due to fatigued or broken springs by installing Sonnax clutch control valve springs.


Clutch Control Valve Spring
Part No. 99740B-01

Fits Mitsubishi and Isuzu only.

Package Quantity: 2

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Vehicles equipped with an AS68RC transmission utilize two clutch control valve line-ups to control the application of the various clutches and brakes required for smooth gear changes. In Mitsubishi and Isuzu versions, a spring is used in conjunction with the clutch control plunger valve to aid in control of the clutch control valve. This spring is subject to fatigue and breakage, which can lead to a variety of shift complaints as the two clutch control valves stroke to apply and release the various clutches and brakes.

AS68RC cores are expensive and hard to come by, and there are no OE or aftermarket replacement options available. Replace broken or fatigued springs with Sonnax clutch control valve spring 99740B-01 to restore valve control and shift operation. The spring's unique design reduces stress and prolongs cycle life.

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