Extreme Strength Output Shaft
Part No. 28924-32L

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Long (OE) length, 32-spline extreme strength output shaft 28924-32L features top-notch engineering and precision manufacturing to guarantee unrivaled performance and reliability. It is one of the five components in the Sonnax Powerglide big shaft system.

Output shafts in 27-spline long (OE) and short lengths also are available separately or built into complete Sonnax 1.58 and 1.65 Extreme planetary assembly kits.

  • Torsional design with rolled splines
  • Bolt-on for easy service
  • Exclusively for use with Sonnax 1.58 and 1.65 gear sets

The Sonnax big shaft system for Powerglides requires changing to a 35-spline turbine hub.

  • Shaft Length Option: Long
  • Material: Heat-Treated 300M Steel
  • Bearing Style:
  • Ratio: 1.58 & 1.65
  • Spline Tooth Count: 32
  • Powerglide Extreme Strength Output Shaft 28924-32L


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