GM and BMW 6L45 through 6L90 early- and late-style units cannot be interchanged but are very similar in appearance. Reference the Sonnax identification guide to verify the correct valve body is installed.


Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. GM6L80E

’06–’09 GM

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Sonnax remanufactured valve body GM6L80E has been designed to address common issues, such as: burnt clutches; codes P0751, P0741, P0742; harsh TCC apply; bump, harsh or flare shifts; bind-ups; solenoid performance codes; and wrong gear starts.

To guarantee the highest level of operational performance, this remanufactured valve body is tested on state-of-the art equipment to verify that actuator feed limit pressure, clutch pressures, torque converter pressures and compensator feed pressures match OE specification.

A TEHCM is not included with the valve body, but is available from OE and various aftermarket sources if required. A common fault with the TEHCM is failed pressure switches, which can be easily checked and repaired using Sonnax kits 124740-28K or 124740-30K, if required.

  • Bores, plates, checkballs, seals, casting…every critical area is reviewed, refreshed and repaired

  • Top-quality Sonnax components optimize valve body function and prevent future wear

  • State-of-the-art testing verifies AFL, clutch, TC and compensator feed pressures match new OE specs

  • Sold without the TEHCM.
  • The main pressure regulator valve lives in the pump for these transmissions. Shift, clutch and performance conditions that result from wear at the pressure regulator valve bore or associated boost valve cannot be corrected by replacing the valve body.
  • The TCC control and converter limit valve also live in the pump and wear could result in converter failure. These pump bores should be checked for wear while servicing the transmission, reference our vacuum test guide for test locations and suitable replacement parts, if required.

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GM & BMW 6L80 Family Identification Guide

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  • Gm6l80e case side
  • Gm6l80e pan side

GM & BMW 6L80 Family Identification Guide

6L45/50 Early-Style ('10-Earlier) Upper Casting
6L45/50 Late-Style ('10-Later) Upper Casting
6L80 Early-Style ('10-Earlier) Upper Casting
6L90 Late-Style ('10-Later) Upper Casting

Look for machined-down boss (A, B, C or D) on the upper casting. Generally, if the A boss is machined down, this indicates an MYA/6L45 (see chart below). This identification system is not foolproof, as some valve bodies do not have any bosses machined down.

Machined-Down Boss on Upper Valve BodyIndicates Valve Body Unit*
"A" Boss IDMYA/6L45
"B" Boss IDMYB/6L50
"C" Boss IDMYC/6L80
"D" Boss IDMYD/6L90
*Note: This is a general rule to follow, but may not always be true. Sometimes no bosses are machined.
6L45-6L90 Early-Style ('10-Earlier) Lower Casting
6L45-6L90 Late-Style ('10-Later) Lower Casting

Upper Casting NumberCenter Support Feed HolesLower Casting Number

6L8094040955Offset Front95810945
6L9094040955Offset Rear95810945
Centered9581 or 6351

BMW Early Separator Plate
BMW Late Separator Plate

BMW early versus late applications have a separator plate variation in the converter circuit. At this time, there are no known year breaks or external identification features that can be provided.