High Capacity K2 Clutch Piston Kit
Part No. 99582-01K

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Aisin Seiki AS68RC transmissions often suffer failure of the K2 clutch assembly due to limited capacity. Sonnax K2 clutch piston kit 99582-01K combines a thinner billet aluminum K2 piston with a thinner yet stiffer backing plate that together allow for one extra OE-thickness friction and steel, increasing the number of frictions from five to six.

This improves the K2 clutch capacity by 20% for more torque capacity in 4th, 5th and 6th Gears while also significantly increasing steel mass in clutch pack for improved heat dissipation and resistance to burning. Included in the kit is a backing plate retaining ring that allows clutch clearance adjustment. Get added durability with this easy-to-install kit that does not require machining of the drum or other components.

  • Increases K2 clutch capacity by 20%
  • Adds one additional friction and steel for increased capacity and heat dissipation
  • Thinner backing plate is reinforced for improved stiffness and reduced flex
  • No drum or piston machining required
  • Piston
  • Backing Plate .170" Thick
  • Retaining Ring .062" Thick
  • AS68RC High Capacity K2 Clutch Piston Kit 99582-01K