• Bearing noise
  • Bearing failure
  • Push belt slippage


Worn or damaged pulley bearings.


Restore normal operation by installing Sonnax CVT bearings.

JF015E (RE0F11A)

Primary Pulley Front Bearing
Part No. 323235-A

Fits units paired to engines under 1.6L only. Also fits Mitsubishi F1CJB.

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Sonnax primary pulley front bearing 323235-A is a direct replacement for the OE bearing in Jatco/Nissan JF015E (RE0F11A) units in vehicles with engines under 1.6L. For primary front bearing in units equipped with engines 1.6L or over, use 323235-C.

Bearing OD ID Width
Primary Pulley Front Bearing (Under 1.6L) 323235-A 85 mm 30 mm 13 mm
Primary Pulley Front Bearing (1.6L / Over) 323235-C 82 mm 30 mm 14.5 mm
Primary Pulley Rear Bearing (Unavailable)
Secondary Pulley Front Bearing 323264-A 85 mm 45 mm 15 mm
Secondary Pulley Rear Bearing 323229-A 105 mm 70 mm 13 mm
Input/Counter Drive Bearing 323232-A 39 mm 17 mm 12 mm
  • JF015E (RE0F11A) Primary Pulley Front Bearing 323235-A