• Bearing noise
  • Bearing failure


Bearing Kit
Part No. SBK-C22

Fits '09-later units only.

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Sonnax 10-piece bearing kit SBK-C22 replaces worn or damaged bearings in Chrysler 62TE applications.

’07–’08 units have a different bearing at the front planetary position. For ’07–’08 units, use SBK-C21.

  • Stator Support/Input Clutch Hub
  • Input Clutch Hub/Underdrive Clutch Hub
  • Front Planetary (Captured)
  • Front Planetary Carrier/Rear Sun Gear
  • Rear Sun Gear/Rear Planet Carrier
  • Low Sprag Inner Race/Direct Clutch
  • Direct Clutch Housing/Direct Clutch Hub
  • Direct Clutch Hub/Direct Clutch Backing Plate
  • Helical Shim/Output Planet Ring Gear
  • Output Planet Ring Gear/Output Planet Carrier Housing
  • 62TE Bearing Kit SBK-C22