10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE

Piston Plate
Part No. CH-DA-7PB

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Sonnax forged steel converter piston plate CH-DA-7PB for Chrysler 10" lockup converters is machined from a steel forging, allowing the wall thickness to be increased in critical areas and making for a less flexible and more durable piston.

It is difficult to bond a friction ring to a cover because it takes a long time to heat up the cover to the proper bonding temperature. Many rebuilders have opted to bond the friction ring to the piston instead. This piston is designed with the proper bonding surface instead of the smooth reaction surface that the OE piston has. The CH-DA-7PB piston is also designed for a .045" thick friction ring, not the factory .070" rings. See instructions for easy assembly.

  • Increased wall thickness for greater stiffness
  • Clutch surface designed for bonding .045" thick friction rings
  • Requires salvage and use of the OE spring retainer damper
  • Material: Steel
  • Machining Process: Fully Machined Forging
  • Surface Finish: Bond

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  • 10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE Piston Plate CH-DA-7PB
  • 10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE Piston Plate CH-DA-7PB details
  • 10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE Piston Plate CH-DA-7PB details