Tool Kit
Part No. F-37000-TL28

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MSRP: $393.79 at Sonnax Tool Shop

Tool Kit for 37000-28K.

Tool kit F-37000-TL28 includes two reamers. The reamers are used from opposite ends of the manual valve bore. The reamer marked "REAMER A" is a "self-guiding" reamer and is used alone without guide pin, reamer jig or VB-FIX. The reamer marked "REAMER B" requires use of the guide pin, reamer jig and VB-FIX to properly ream. It is critical to use the self-guiding "REAMER A" for the first reaming operation. Failure to follow this warning can render the valve body casting unusable.

  • Reamer Self-Guiding
  • Reamer VB-FIX
  • Reamer Jig
  • Guide Pin
  • 1000/2000/2400 Tool Kit F-37000-TL28