• Wrong gear starts
  • Clutch failure
  • Solenoid performance codes


Excess bore wear at AFL (actuator feed limit) bore allows pressure loss that causes driveability concerns


Recover hydraulic control and renew shift performance by installing drop-in Sonnax sleeved actuator feed limit valve kit.

6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 2), 6T80 (Gen. 2)

Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit
Part No. 124740-33K

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In GM Gen. 2 6T70, 6T75, 6T80 units, AFL valve bore wear results in low pressure at the shift and control solenoid valve assembly. The OE valve has a large reaction area and is highly affected by side loading which wears the valve body bore. As the bore wear increases, oil pressure is reduced to the shift solenoids which causes solenoid and ratio codes. This also results in lower line pressure.

Installing Sonnax actuator feed limit valve kit 124740-33K renews the hydraulic integrity of this circuit, restoring normal shift operation and feel. This drop-in sleeve/valve assembly provides a new and unworn bore for hydraulic sealing of the valve while the sleeve seals off existing moderate bore wear to prevent fluid loss. A new spring to provide correct limit pressure with the sleeve/valve assembly is also provided.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valve combats premature wear
  • Highly wear-resistant, billet sleeve seals bore from wear-related fluid loss and provides a new, unworn bore for the valve to operate within
  • New spring provided for correct limit pressure
  • Drill and plug included to allow for quick rerouting of balance oil at the separator plate
  • Drop-in Zip Valve™ parts install quickly and easily
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  • Sleeve
  • Valve
  • Spring
  • Clip
  • Drill Bit Not Shown
  • Plugs (2) 1 Extra, For Separator Plate, Not Shown
  • 6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 2), 6T80 (Gen. 2) Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit 124740-33K
  • 6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 2), 6T80 (Gen. 2) Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit 124740-33K

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Due to the design changes on the Sonnax sleeve and valve, vacuum testing at the inboard port is not a valid sealing test.