• Seal leaks


OE manual shaft bushing cracked, allowing moisture and dirt ingress from the top of the case.


Save the shaft and prevent moisture and dirt related damage by installing Sonnax shift shaft saver kit.


Shift Shaft Saver Kit
Part No. 262991-04K

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Chrysler 62TE shift shaft bushings are notorious for splitting, which allows moisture and dirt to enter the transmission from the top of the case. The OE bushing is made from nylon, a material which absorbs moisture from the air if it is not immersed in an oil bath; this moisture causes nylon to weaken and swell. The press fit of the bushing, coupled with small amounts of atmospheric moisture, creates tension that results in splitting and cracking. Once a crack occurs, an expensive new OE shaft must be sourced; but since the OE replacement also has a nylon bushing, the process begins again and in short order the new bushing is cracked. It only takes a small amount of water entering the transmission through this cracked bushing to cause shuddering, and of course dirt entering here can result in comebacks as well.

Sonnax shift shaft saver kit 262991-04K allows you to save the OE shaft by replacing the bushing — without removing and re-welding the shift lever. Since the Sonnax bushing is made from upgraded material, you can be confident of a solid repair, with no risk of comeback.

  • Patent-pending kit allows salvage of the OE manual shaft without special tools
  • Upgraded Delrin® bushing won't absorb atmospheric moisture
  • Avoid the ticking time bomb of the OE bushing by replacing all OE bushings, including those that have not yet split

  • Bushing Delrin®
  • Sleeve PTFE
  • O-Rings (2) 1 Extra
  • Retaining Clips (2) 1 Extra

  • 62TE Shift Shaft Saver Kit 262991-04K
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How to Repair & Prevent 62TE Shift Shaft Bushing Failure