• Worn bearing housing
  • Bushing wear
  • Axle shaft leak
  • Excess differential/axle backlash
  • Excess endplay
  • Difficulty setting endplay


Aluminum differential support hub gets ground down by the steel bearing race.


Reduce differential endplay and restore normal operation by installing the Sonnax case saver kit.

6F35 (Gen. 1), 6F35 (Gen. 2)

Case Saver Kit
Part No. 144281-01K

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Ford Gen. 1 and 2 6F35 transmissions are notorious for worn axle bushings, which allow external leakage. This premature bushing wear can be caused by a worn differential support, which affects endplay negatively. The thrust bearing that rides on the differential support rotates, wearing deeply into the aluminum support and allowing endplay to become far excessive. To correct endplay, a new case half is required.

Instead of sourcing an expensive new case, you can stop further wear, reduce endplay or restore endplay to proper levels by installing Sonnax case saver kit 144281-01K.

  • Non-rotating shims correct differential endplay and prevent future wear
  • Prevents repeat bushing failure caused by excess endplay
  • .020" Shim with Tab 2.50" O.D.
  • .040" Shim with Tab 2.50" O.D.
  • .010" Shim with Notch 2.50" O.D.
  • .010" Shim w/o Notch (2) 2.78" O.D.
  • Thrust Bearing Driven Sprocket/Case
  • 6F35 (Gen. 1), 6F35 (Gen. 2) Case Saver Kit 144281-01K
  • 6F35 (Gen. 1), 6F35 (Gen. 2) Case Saver Kit 144281-01K details