400, Powerglide

High RPM Checkball Capsule
Part No. 57510-01

Retrofits into existing applications

Package Quantity: 5

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Sonnax high RPM checkball capsule 57510-01 is specially calibrated to prevent pressure drops in high RPM GM TH400 and Powerglide racing applications.

Testing has shown that OEM checkballs are unreliable above 5500 RPM. At higher speeds the checkballs can unseat, resulting in drop of line pressure or converter pressure. Variables that effect checkball performance include: diameter of ball, mass of ball, distance from centerline, seat angle, oil pressure and RPM.

For racing applications that see RPM above 5500, the checkball in piston or drum should be replaced with Sonnax high RPM checkball capule 57510-01. This universal part can be installed in existing TH400 pistons or drums and Powerglide drums.

  • Prevents pressure drop above 5500 RPM
  • Retrofits into existing applications
  • 400, Powerglide High RPM Checkball Capsule 57510-01