• Loss of shift solenoid control pressure
  • Poor shift quality
  • Various shift concerns
  • Burnt clutches
  • Damaged valve body casting


The small OE spring steel retainers used to hold the heavy solenoids in the valve body are prone to collapse, allowing the solenoids to wobble in the bore and preventing them from properly controlling the shift processes. Collapsed spring retainers also allow the solenoid to damage the casting at opening of the clutch valve bores.


Sonnax solenoid stabilization clip insert is used in conjunction with the OE spring steel retainer, whether they are collapsed or in their original shape. The solid steel clip insert forces the spring retainer to expand out to completely fill both the casting and the solenoid groove, preventing solenoid wobble.

9T45, 9T50, 9T60, 9T65

Solenoid Stabilization Clip Insert
Part No. 184740-04K

Package Quantity: 4

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GM 9T45/50/60/65 transmission heavy linear force solenoids (LFS) are held in place by small spring retainers. These spring retainers are prone to collapse, allowing the solenoid to wobble and become off-center with the inboard valve, and damage the casting at the clutch valve bore opening. These LFSs actuate by extending a small pintle about .090" to stroke the inboard clutch control valve. When the spring retainer collapses and allows the LFS to be off-center, the pintle cannot stroke the clutch control valve appropriately, compromising the component apply timing and pressure, resulting in shift complaints and converter issues. Valve body damage can also occur if the LFSs remain loose, resulting in valve damage during rebuild.

Sonnax solenoid stabilization clip insert 184740-04K can be used in conjunction with OE spring retainer to secure the solenoids back in place. These solid steel clip inserts force the OE spring retainers to completely fill the casting and solenoid groove gap, and prevent the retainers from future collapse. If the spring retainer has already collapsed, the clip insert can be used to reform the retainer to its proper size. Simply place it inside the retainer to expand it to appropriate retention dimensions.

  • Prevents future spring retainer collapse
  • Reshapes collapsed spring retainers
  • Drop-in Zip Valve™ parts install quickly and easily
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  • 9T45, 9T50, 9T60, 9T65 Solenoid Stabilization Clip Insert 184740-04K
  • 9T45, 9T50, 9T60, 9T65 Solenoid Stabilization Clip Insert 184740-04K