• 1-2 Bind-up
  • 1-2 Flare


Worn low/reverse sprag assembly components.


Save the race and install the Sonnax low/reverse sprag rebuild kit.


Low/Reverse Sprag Rebuild Kit
Part No. 72642SK

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In Chrysler 68RFE transmissions, the low/reverse sprag elements, end caps and retainer plates are prone to wear, while the race is often unaffected. This results in a bind-up going into 2nd Gear or a 1-2 flare. Sonnax low/reverse sprag rebuild kit 72642SK allows replacement of the caps, elements and retainer plates without the expense of buying a full sprag assembly.

  • Sprag Clutch Element Without Race
  • End Caps (2)
  • Retainer Plates (2)
  • Snap Ring
  • 68RFE Low/Reverse Sprag Rebuild Kit 72642SK