• Failsafe mode
  • Gear ratio codes
  • Code P0731
  • No 2nd
  • No 3rd
  • No 4th
  • No 6th
  • No 8th


The lock splines on the "E" clutch hub have broken/sheared off, and/or the clutch splines are heavily worn.


Restore normal operation and avoid comebacks by installing upgraded Sonnax heavy duty "E" clutch hub.

845RE, ZF8HP45

Heavy Duty "E" Clutch Hub
Part No. 35572-53T

53 Splines

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Vehicles with ZF8HP45 and Chrysler 845RE transmissions utilize an "E" hub that is made from weak, cast A380 aluminum. This material is no match for the high torque generated in these applications. The lock splines of the hub are prone to shearing or breaking, resulting in failsafe, ratio codes and loss of movement. In addition, the steel clutch plates dig into the splines on the drum, causing the plates to hang up and burn. This can happen in as few as 20,000 miles.

Sonnax heavy duty "E" clutch hub 35572-53T is crafted from forged 4000-series aluminum, the same material used for high performance engine pistons. The Sonnax billet hub features a far superior yield strength versus the OE hub, so you can rest easy knowing it will stand the test of time — no more worrying about comebacks due to a failed OE hub.

  • High-strength, forged hub eliminates spline failure
  • Improved material significantly increases "E" clutch durability

For 62-spline hub, use 35572-62T.

  • 845RE, ZF8HP45 Heavy Duty "E" Clutch Hub 35572-53T
  • 845RE, ZF8HP45 Heavy Duty "E" Clutch Hub 35572-53T details