5R110W, 6-Stud

Front Cover
Part No. FD-CC-21S

  • Deeper spline has 70% additional height engagement for extra torque capacity and reduced wear
  • Front cover made from a high-quality AISI 1026 fully machined steel forging
  • 6 High strength weld-on studs will not flex, pull or screw out
  • Thicker cross section between studs and lockup surface for a stronger cover, better support of the studs and better heat dissipation
  • Low surface finish on the lockup surface for consistent lockup and long clutch life
  • Center thrust area is ground and parallel for use of turbine hubs with bearings
  • Thrust face to lockup surface is the same as OE for more consistent rebuilding
  • Longer lip to make it easier to reuse impeller covers
  • Material: AISI 1026 steel
  • Machining Process: Fully Machined Forging

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  • 5R110W, 6-Stud Front Cover FD-CC-21S
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