May 11, 2015

Reaming Update: Chrysler Solenoid Switch Valve & Plug Kits

One of the more prevalent Sonnax product support phone calls revolves around the Chrysler switch valve and plug bore, and how to salvage the valve body by addressing bore wear with available Sonnax tools. This has been a long, strange trip – especially for the .420" dia. spool version, for which Sonnax offers multiple kit and reaming options. We took a much more straightforward approach on the .453" dia. valve, which we have now duplicated on the .420" version to better serve builders.

Previously on the .420" version, a specific reaming sequence was required to avoid casting scrappage. If the (outer) switch valve plug portion of the bore required reaming, it had to be reamed first using either [F-92835-TL18] with the patented [VB-FIX] reaming fixture or by using bench tool kit [92835-RM]. After that, excess wear at the (inner) solenoid switch valve portion of the bore could be addressed using [F-92835-TL] with the VB-FIX. This paves the way for installing oversized solenoid switch valve 92835-21 and oversized plug kit 92835-18K.

If the (inner) switch valve bore was accidentally reamed first, the bore would not be the right size to guide the reamer used for the (outer) plug portion of the bore, so any wear at the plug bore section could not be addressed. Since the outer portion of the bore typically wears faster than the inner portion, this results in a scrapped casting.

The Sonnax approach with the .453" dia. setup does not have this reaming sequencing issue. If only the (outer) plug bore portion is worn, simply use reamer [92835-RM22] to recondition the bore, then install oversized plug kit [92835-22K]. If wear at both the (outer) plug section and (inner) switch valve bore section is noted, use reamer tool kit [F-92835-TL31] in conjunction with the VB-FIX, then install oversized solenoid switch valve and plug kit [92835-31K]. Much easier!

A similar system has recently been developed for the .420" dia. version. If wear at both the plug bore and switch valve bore is noted, use new reaming tool kit [F-92835-TL32] with the VB-FIX, then install oversized solenoid switch valve and plug kit [92835-32K] (see chart on part page for details). 

Of course, Sonnax will still provide the previous tooling and valve system, but this new method is much preferred for improved end results and ease of use that will enable your customers to get back on the road and keep on truckin’!

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