August 17, 2015

Sonnax Wants YOUR New Torque Converter Part Ideas!


Hundreds of new Sonnax converter parts are released each year, many brought to the market thanks to the insight and ideas shared by rebuilders. Unlike your shop, we do not see a constant flow of converters coming through the door. When you cut cores open and examine the components to determine exactly what parts are needed for a quality rebuild, that is valuable information always of interest to Sonnax. It's particularly critical when you're working on late-model units for which aftermarket products aren't as widely available. We want to help you obtain these parts!

Communicating product ideas to your sales representative lets us know there's a component gap to fill. If you've made a request, but haven't seen the part for sale, don't be afraid to ask again! You could learn that it's already in development, and knowing there is customer demand helps Sonnax prioritize bringing that part to market.

There are two easy ways to be part of Sonnax Product Development!

1. Pass along new product requests to your sales representative.
Your feedback is always welcome and communicated promptly to the Sonnax product development team.

2. Contact Sonnax Torque Converter Product Line Manager John Sackevich.
John works one-on-one with rebuilders to continually expand Sonnax's full-line catalog of converter components. E-mail him anytime at [email protected]

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