February 18, 2019

Important Change Coming to Sonnax Packaging

As part of an initiative to Go Green in ’19, Sonnax will cease including printed instructions with most products.

Beginning March 1, we will stop inserting instructions into the packaging of approximately 1,000 products. This change will primarily impact parts such as end plugs, valve kits and bushings that come in small bags. In general, instructions will continue to ship with larger components and boxed products such as Zip Kits® and The Sure Cure® kits.

Instructions for all products will remain available on the Sonnax website – and are now faster and easier to find.

Why is Sonnax doing this?

Reduce Waste: We printed more than 1 million pages of instructions last year— that’s a LOT of trees. 

Make the Sonnax Workplace Safer: The rising number of pages has been matched by more repetitive motion concerns and injuries among Sonnax employees packaging our smallest, bagged parts. Products packaged this way are also among the easiest to install. Instructions are often thrown away, unused.

To ensure everyone has quick access to all instructions, we created a simple online search tool: 

1. Quickly view instructions at www.sonnax.com/in

2. In the search box, enter the Sonnax part number found on the Sonnax packaging. 

If instructions are available, a PDF will open or your browser will download the file (your own browser settings control what happens). If no instructions are found, verify you are typing the correct part number or visit the part page on the website for product information.


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