Powerglide Big Shaft System

The END of Input Shaft Failure

  • TRACK-PROVEN to hold up to even the most extreme horsepower
  • Upgrade a Sonnax gear set or build from scratch in the gear ratio of your choice
  • Easy-to-install, custom components work together for reliable performance

The Sonnax big shaft system delivers 35% more strength than even the best 1" shafts — a massive upgrade that lets you unleash the full potential of the lightweight and efficient Powerglide transmission. No more worrying about spline twist or shaft breakage, no more holding back. At ANY power level, the big shaft will get you down the track all season long.

Big shaft assembled white

Sonnax Breaks Down a Big Shaft Build

Track-Proven Components You Can Trust

Sonnax offers the only Powerglide big shaft upgrade with custom components designed to work together for optimal performance. To level up with this unique system, simply choose your transmission parts and then make the simple change to a 35-spline turbine hub.

1 Big Input Shaft Kit

The CORE of the Big Shaft System

Big Input Shaft Kit

The only way to prevent twist and breakage from massive torque is to increase the input shaft diameter. The Sonnax big shaft strikes the perfect balance between strength and ease of installation with a 1-1/8" dia. and unique, high-strength spline that still fits through the front sun gear.

2 Big Shaft Stator Tube Kit

Press-in tube with larger diameter features longer press serrations for max hold and tough, heat-treated splines.

Big Shaft Stator Tube Kit

3 Big Shaft Rear Sun Gear Kits

Prepped to accept big input shaft’s fine-tooth rear spline, this unique gear is for use with new Sonnax planetary assembly kits (system component #4) or to convert existing Sonnax assemblies to the big shaft system.

Big Shaft Rear Sun Gear Kits

4 Extreme Planetary Assembly Kits

The same parts found in Sonnax extreme assemblies minus the output shaft, rear sun gear and washer that must be purchased separately when building a Sonnax big shaft system.

Extreme Planetary Assembly Kits

5 Extreme Strength Output Shafts

Top-notch engineering and precision manufacturing guarantee unrivaled performance and reliability. These are the same shafts built into complete Sonnax extreme planetary assembly kits.

Extreme Strength Output Shafts

How to Select the Right Components

Question 1: What Sonnax gear ratio do you want to run?

Question 2: Do you already have a Sonnax planetary assembly?

  • If YES: Upgrade your existing assembly by ordering the big input shaft kit, stator tube kit and a rear sun gear kit (components #1, #2 and #3).
  • If NO: Order all five big shaft system components in the gear ratio of your choice.

Click part number for product details.

1 Big Input Shaft Kit 353532-01K
2 Big Shaft Stator Tube Kit 28154S-125
3 Big Shaft Rear Sun Gear Kit
  ▸1.58 Ratio 15832-RSK
  ▸1.65 Ratio 16532-RSK
  ▸1.69 Ratio 16932-RSK
  ▸1.80 Ratio 18032-RSK
4 Extreme Planetary Assembly Kit
  ▸1.58 Ratio 28158G-NS
  ▸1.65 Ratio 28165G-NS
  ▸1.69 Ratio 28169G-NS
  ▸1.80 Ratio 28180G-NS
5 Extreme Strength Output Shaft
  ▸32-Spline, Long (1.58/1.65 Ratios) 28924-32L
  ▸32-Spline, Short (1.58/1.65 Ratios) 28924-32S
  ▸27-Spline, Long (1.58/1.65 Ratios) 28924-27L
  ▸27-Spline, Short (1.58/1.65 Ratios) 28924-27S
  ▸32-Spline, Long (1.69/1.80 Ratios) 28922-32L
  ▸32-Spline, Short (1.69/1.80 Ratios) 28922-32S
  ▸27-Spline, Long (1.69/1.80 Ratios) 28922-27L
  ▸27-Spline, Short (1.69/1.80 Ratios) 28922-27S
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