Sonnax Roadshow: On Demand

The Sonnax message has always been simple. If you’re going to fix the transmission right, you have to fix the valve body. To help rebuilders across the USA and Canada, Sonnax created the Roadshow program to deliver live instruction on valve body diagnostics and bore reaming.

Get started – or get a refresher – on valve body diagnosis and repair with this four-part video series presented by Sonnax Senior Technical Specialist, Randall Schroeder.

Roadshow Video Series

If you couldn’t make it to a Sonnax Roadshow, or have new techs at your shop, this series is for you! Learn how to troubleshoot valve bodies and evaluate repair options using the best techniques in the industry.

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Sonnax Roadshow Video Series


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Diagnostic Challenges – Where Do You Start?

In this first of a four-part video series, Sonnax Senior Technical Specialist Randall Schroeder walks you through the common causes and costly effects of valve and valve bore wear.

  • Discover typical causes of bore and valve wear.
  • What does wear look like? Watch and see for yourself.
  • Understand how valve body wear can impact transmission performance.


Isolating the Problem – Methods to Identify Bore Wear

Part two of this video series reviews the methods historically used to identify bore wear and explains how and why vacuum testing provides reliable, repeatable results.

  • Watch, see and understand how vacuum testing eliminates guesswork.
  • Find out what equipment you need for fast, reliable vacuum testing.
  • Discover common areas of valve body wear and related transmission symptoms.
  • See examples of vacuum testing outside of the valve body.


Valve Body Reaming

As rebuilders, the goal is to repair, reuse and recycle the valve body whenever possible. Sometimes, when bore wear is too aggressive to accept a drop-in repair, the only fix is to ream the bore and install an oversized valve, a practice pioneered by Sonnax.

  • Learn the fundamentals of reamer care, use and maintenance
  • See a step-by-step demonstration of a valve body ream and how vacuum testing can confirm the success of a repair.
  • Learn four simple rules for achieving a quality ream.
  • Understand how to prevent problems during valve body repair.

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Additional Valve Body Repair Issues

Now that the valve body is shored up and you’ve verified your repairs, what else can you do to reduce costly comebacks? Find out in this final segment of our four-part series.

  • Understand common causes of valve body issues after repair.
  • See what FREE Sonnax references are available to help your next rebuild.
  • Learn how and where you can vacuum test outside the valve body.
  • Discover which common and costly leaks can be found with vacuum testing.