4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

Input Housing Kit

Upgraded Housing Eliminates
3-4 Clutch Failure

Limitations of the OE input housing are the root cause of 3-4 burnup in performance applications. The patented Sonnax Smart-Tech housing design makes room for a taller clutch pack anchored in place by a stronger backing plate. Get the most out of your favorite clutches — the Smart-Tech housing is the only way to increase clutch capacity AND protect against destructive heat.

Kit available with or without heavy duty input shaft
Smart-Tech® Input Housing Kit

Smoke the tires, not the clutches

The OE input housing will always let you down with another burnt 3-4 clutch. The weak backing plate flexes during clutch apply, allowing heat to build up unevenly within the clutch pack’s limited space. Burnup is the common result.

Stop the flex and you stop 3-4 clutch failure. The Sonnax Smart-Tech housing’s apply and backing plates surround a larger clutch pack area to keep the clutches parallel and maximize protection against overheating.

See the Flex – Watch the Demo Video
OE vs Sonnax Smart-Tech Housing
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