Solenoid Core Purchase Program

We make it fast and easy to return your solenoid cores!

  1. Collect Cores Ten or more cores is recommended.
  2. Contact Us We'll set up a Return Authorization for you.
  3. Ship Your Cores We pre-pay all shipping charges and provide labels.
  4. Get Paid! We'll send you a check in the mail.

Continental U.S. only.

Please review the following guidelines before returning solenoid cores:

  • Saving cores until you have ten or more is recommended, as this streamlines the process and expedites your return.
  • All shipments must have a Return Authorization in order to be processed. Shipping charges are paid by Sonnax.
  • Solenoids must be packaged in plastic bags before being placed in a box, to ensure any oil will not leak and create shipping issues with UPS.
  • Due to UPS shipping standards, please limit individual box weight to 75 lbs. This would be approximately 20 solenoids per box.
  • If you have a large quantity of solenoids and require more than one box, Sonnax will issue one return label for each box. If the shipment is too large for UPS, Sonnax will arrange for a common carrier to pick up.
  • Sonnax will issue a check within 60 days of the shipment being sent from your facility.
  • Unusable parts or parts not meeting the criteria will not be returned or credited.

We accept OE solenoid cores for the following applications:

We accept OE and remanufactured solenoid cores for the following applications:

Start the process by completing the form below.

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You may also return solenoid cores by contacting us directly at (800) 843-2600, Ext. 379, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m to 5 p.m. ET.

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