3.5" & 4" Splined Stub & Sleeve Kits

Solve All Your Modern Driveshaft Problems

Whether you want to increase strength and durability or easily adapt a modern powertrain into any custom build, Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits do it all.

  • Increase Strength
  • Reduce Weight
  • Customize Driveshaft Length
  • Convert Driveshaft from Two-Piece to One-Piece
Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits

5" Kits also are available to upgrade heavy-duty trucks with 1350 and 1480 series u-joint sizes.

Why People Hate Modern Muscle Car Drivelines & How Sonnax Changes the Game

Installing a modern engine/transmission into a custom vehicle can be challenging because OE-style driveshafts simply won’t fit the modified envelope. Plus, many modern transmissions have a fixed output flange instead of a conventional slip yoke, requiring the slip function somewhere else in the driveshaft assembly.
With Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits, you can customize the driveshaft length to fit virtually any application — and the slip element is built right in.

Heavy, two-piece, steel driveshafts are the first weak link in stock drivelines because they were never designed to handle power above OE levels.
Increase strength and reduce weight by converting to a one-piece, performance aluminum or carbon fiber shaft fitted with a Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kit.

Giubo joints (sometimes misspelled as guibo) are constant wear items that crack and separate, and they reach the critical failure point even faster when you pile on extra power. Rubber CV boots often crack as well, allowing grease to escape and water/dirt to enter, destroying the CV-joint.
Stop worrying about weak components and their associated maintenance costs by switching to a slip-style driveshaft.

Carrier bearings that support two-piece driveshafts tear, pull apart and cause noise even under normal stress. They simply don’t hold up to aggressive street/strip use.
The precision fit and high-quality aluminum of Sonnax slip spline components ensure a durable driveline assembly built for power and built to last.

Splined Stub & Sleeve Kits

Get the Driveshaft You Want with Performance-Rated Components from End to End

Customized, Slip-Style Driveline

A Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kit is the best way to reliably drive power from the engine and transmission to the diff in modern muscle cars and custom street rod/hot rod vehicles. The Sonnax yoke/stub shaft uses a conventional U-joint, and the sleeve installs easily onto the end of an aluminum or carbon fiber tube customizable to almost any length. This one-piece driveshaft configuration replaces European-style, CV-joint driveshafts and two-piece driveshafts with rubber giubo “hockey pucks” at one or both ends.

Perfectly Fitted Stub & Sleeve Components

Driveshaft builders appreciate the precision design and manufacturing of Sonnax splined stub and sleeve kits. Each component is perfectly matched to ensure unrivaled fitment and easy balancing. This reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for a far smoother power delivery than other aftermarket slip and stubs can achieve.

Example Builds

See how some popular 3.5" and 4" performance builds come together with Sonnax components to add an unbeatable driveshaft to modern muscle cars like the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, Hellcat and Demon. A strong, durable one-piece assembly also is ideal for replacing the problematic two-piece driveshafts found in many cars/trucks/SUVs.

18 20 4cyl 10r80 build example
18 20 4cyl 10r80 build example

From street to strip, on road and off, trust Sonnax driveshaft components to enhance drivetrain strength, performance and durability

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