March 31, 2011

Bond-Prep, Bond Enhancing Agent

Bond enhancing agents may make your friction ring bonds stronger and your process more forgiving, but it is not a required product for bonding. Sonnax offered a bond enhancing agent call SonnaPrep (Part No. SPREP-Q) that was discontinued in late 2010 and no longer stocked. An equivalent product called Bond-Prep from Adhesive Materials Group – A Division of Hisco in Houston, Texas, is recommended as a replacement for SonnaPrep. Please contact this manufacturer directly if you are interested in using their product.

Product Name: Bond-Prep
Part Number: BP-164 (Quart Size)

Adhesive Materials Group - A Division of Hisco
10803 Vincrest #190
Houston, TX 77086
Phone: 800-281-2307
Fax: 713-934-1655

Will Rinehart: [email protected]
Michelle Gibson: [email protected]

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