January 01, 2013

TF-81SC Solenoid Connector & Wire Color Identification

Valve Body Xpress

Use the chart and connector diagram to check the solenoids from outside the transmission. Use the chart and valve body pictures to insure that the solenoids don't get cross-wired.

NamePositive Terminal
(Wire Color)
Negative Terminal
(Wire Color)
Harness Connector ColorResistance (Ohms)
SSA5 (White)Grounds to CaseBlack11-15
SSB2 (Black)Grounds to CaseBlack11-15
SSC11 (Yellow)10 (Purple)Blue or Black5.0-5.6
SSD17 (Red)18 (Green)Blue5.0-5.6
SSE14 (Light Blue)22 (Yellow)Green5.0-5.6
SSF21 (White)16 (Black)Green5.0-5.6
TCC9 (Light Green)4 (Brown)Green5.0-5.6
PCA/EPC3 (Green)1 (Gray)Green5.0-5.6
TFT Sensor8 (Orange)7 (Orange)Sensor is gray and part of internal harness77F-3.5K
TSS12 (White)13 (Red)TanHall Effect
OSS19 (Orange)
20 (Blue)BrownHall Effect

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