January 01, 2013

62TE Solenoid Identification & Connector Pin Out

Valve Body Xpress

Solenoid Identification

NOTE: All solenoid resistance tests should be performed at approximately 70°F.

A 62TE solenoid pack has six shift solenoids, one line pressure solenoid, a temperature sensor and five pressure switches. The line pressure sensor and the TCC variable force solenoid bolt directly onto the valve body and are not part of the solenoid pack.

The six shift solenoids look identical, however, two are normally open and four are normally closed. An easy way to determine if a solenoid is open or closed is to blow compressed air into the open end of the solenoid (indicated by blue arrow). If air is blocked, it is closed. If air comes out of the holes between the two large O-rings, it is open.

Connector Pin Out

  1. Pressure Sensor ground
  2. L/R solenoid control
  3. TCC VFS control
  4. 5 Volt supply to pressure sensor
  5. TRS T41 signal
  6. Line Pressure signal from pressure sensor
  7. UD solenoid control
  8. TRS T42 signal
  9. TRS T3 signal
  10. Power from Trans Control Relay, battery voltage
  11. OD pressure switch signal
  12. Line pressure VFS control
  13. TRS T1 signal
  14. 2-4 Pressure switch signal
  15. DC pressure switch signal
  16. L/R pressure switch signal
  17. Low clutch solenoid control
  18. Low clutch pressure switch signal
  19. OD solenoid control
  20. Direct clutch solenoid control
  21. 2-4 Solenoid control
  22. Trans oil temp signal
  23. Trans temp sensor ground

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