August 10, 2015

Fraudulent Parts Warning

For more than 30 years, Sonnax has been the leading provider of quality aftermarket torque converter components. We have worked long and hard to achieve a reputation for the highest levels or product quality, outstanding customer service and innovative designs. If we don’t make the parts, we partner with the best OEM sources such as BorgWarner and Koyo® Bearings (successor to the Torrington® brand) to make sure you have access to the very best products.

Unfortunately, the success of Sonnax has inspired some cheap, knock-off artists attempting to deceive the market with fake Sonnax parts. While “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” this “flattery” is a source of great concern to us. Counterfeit parts hurt us all. Not only do these products fall far short of our high quality standards, they put you – our customers – at risk for time-consuming, expensive comebacks.

Sonnax customers recently alerted us to emails they received from Chinese companies offering “Sonnax” components listed under Sonnax part numbers. Upon investigating, we also found English-language websites for foreign companies with part illustrations labeled “Sonnax Part number “XX-XX-XX.” Buyer beware, these are not Sonnax products!

Rest assured that we have and will continue to do everything in our power to stop the influx of counterfeit Sonnax parts. We are vigilant about protecting the integrity of our domestic and international trademarks as well as our reputation. One recent victory: a Chinese company complied with our demand to remove the Sonnax name and part numbers from their website.

But we need your help! If someone other than Sonnax contacts you via phone, mail or e-mail trying to sell “Sonnax” parts, please let us know. We will pursue these sellers and do whatever we can to stop their fraud. It is dishonest and illegal. The best way to protect your shop’s reputation from bogus parts: buy direct from Sonnax, it’s that simple!

It is a shame that we even need to discuss this topic, but it seems to be the way the world works these days. This is a growing problem that is affecting more than just Sonnax. Check out the World Bearing Association’s efforts to combat counterfeits via their website and informative video, which helps put this rising issue into perspective.


Steve Jaussaud
Sr. Vice President, Product Development
Chief Technical Officer, Sonnax Industries

While Sonnax makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of technical articles at time of publication, we assume no liability for inaccuracies or for information which may become outdated or obsolete over time.