January 01, 2013

Inspecting the 09G, TF-60SN for Manual Valve Bore Wear

Valve Body Xpress

Manual valve bore wear can cause low pressure and poor shift quality. This particular valve body is prone to excessive manual valve bore wear, especially in the “O.D.” position. This causes a leak which can be seen on our valve body testing machine.

Please check the manual valve bore for excessive wear by performing the procedure shown below.

Excessive Manual Valve Bore Wear - Test Procedure

  • Remove the manual valve from the bore.
  • Remove as much ATF as possible from the bore and valve using brake clean or a substitute and let dry.
  • Insert manual valve in the bore so that about 1/2 of the large middle land is visible (valve should be sticking out of valve body about 2 1/4”). Please see diagram.
  • At this point, the manual valve should have little or no “up-down” or “side-to-side” movement.

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