January 01, 2013

55-50/51SN Solenoid & Bracket Identification

To avoid solenoid damage, please return the core in the Sonnax box with formed foam packaging that contained the purchased remanufactured valve body.

Bracket Identification

Brackets are specific to code of valve body. The "No Code" valve bodies use the narrow bracket with small notch above SLS solenoid. The "A", "B", and "C" coded valve bodies use the wide bracket with a large notch above the SLS solenoid.

Solenoid Identification

No code or code A valve bodies have the SLT and SLS electrical connector facing up. Code B or C valve bodies have the SLT and SLS electrical connectors facing down.

Narrow Bracket and Upward-Facing ConnectorsWide Bracket and Downward-Facing Connectors

Solenoid Wire Color Chart

SolenoidConnector ColorWire Color
SLUBlack1 Green, 1 Brown
SLTBlue1 Green, 1 Gray
SLSGreen1 Blue, 1 Red
S2Black or GrayBlack
S4Blue or GreenPurple or Red
S5Green, Red or GrayBlue or Black

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