January 01, 2013

G4A-EL, GF4A-EL Valve Body Identification

Valve Body Xpress

Part Number Chart

Part NumberDescription
FM093 (Warranty Only)G4A-EL, 4 Solenoids
FM094 (Warranty Only)GF4A-EL, 7 Solenoids, Wire-Type TOT
FM095 (Warranty Only)GF4A-EL, 6 Solenoids, Wire-Type TOT
FM096 (Warranty Only)GF4A-EL, 7 Solenoids, Plug-Type TOT
FM097 (Warranty Only)GF4A-EL, 6 Solenoids, Plug-Type TOT

Please count the number of solenoids to determine the correct valve body for your application. If you have 6 or 7 solenoids, verify whether the valve body has a plug- or wire-type temperature sensor, which does NOT count as a solenoid.

See the orange arrow for the location of the temperature sensor.

TOT Sensor Identification

Wire-Type TOTPlug-Type TOT
The wire-type TOT sensor threads into the valve body and has two wires that are permanently attached to the TOT Sensor. See arrow above.The plug-type TOT sensor pushes into the valve body and has a bracket and bolt that retain it in position. See arrow above.

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