January 01, 2013

Chrysler 41TE, 41TES Valve Body Identification

Valve Body Xpress

Part Number Chart

Part NumberDescription
CHR19241TE '88-'95 with External MLPS Switch
[CHR194]41TE '96-'98 with Internal Round Pin MLPS Switch
CHR19540TE, 41TE, 41AE '98-Later with Internal Spade Pin MLPS Switch
CHR40040TES, 41TES

Internal MLPS Switch Identification

Round Pin MLPS SwitchSpade Pin MLPS Switch

41TES (VLP) Identification - Part No. CHR400

This valve body can be identified by the letters "VLP" cast into both the Upper and Lower Housing (see red arrows), as well as the addition of a pressure sensor (see blue arrow) and pressure solenoid (see green arrow).

From the outside of the transmission, you can identify the VLP style by looking for an additional 6-pin electrical connector located next to the range sensor connector.

Upper CastingLower Casting
Chrysler 41TES (VLP) Upper Casting Identification
Chrysler 41TES (VLP) Lower Casting Identification

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