February 08, 2017

Driveshaft Winter Weather Checklist & Upgrades

Get your driveshaft assembly ready to take on the toughest winter conditions!​​​​​​​

1. Inspect the driveshaft:

  • Check for any damage to the tube and weld yokes.
  • Examine the integrity of the welds in the driveshaft assembly.
  • Check u-joints for excessive play.
  • Inspect hanger bearing for any cracks or tears in bushing, and excessive play.

*Recommended upgrade: Install a one-piece 5" aluminum driveshaft built with Sonnax components to achieve superior strength and dependability.

2. Examine the slip yoke:

  • Check for wear at the u-joints and journal seal.
  • Confirm all bearing retainer clips are installed correctly.
  • Ensure the internal splines properly engage the output shaft.
  • Inspect the tail shaft's seal and bushing to confirm that there are no contaminants entering the transmission or transfer case which may cause damage.

*Recommended upgrade: Install Sonnax performance slip yokes to achieve greater strength, a superior seal, exceptional balance, and minimal runout.

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