September 16, 2020

Maximize 68RFE Overdrive Clutch Capacity & Squawk Resistance with the Sonnax Smart-Tech® Housing

Presented by Sonnax

When trucks with Chrysler 68RFE transmissions are pushed to the GVW limit — or even when small amounts of power are added — the Overdrive clutch quickly surfaces as the weak link. Clutch burnup and a squawk on the 3-4 shift both can be traced back to problems with the OE clutch. Rebuilt units are at even higher risk of squawk due to tuning mods and aggressive aftermarket clutches.

In this video, Sonnax Performance Product Line Manager Gregg Nader breaks down the root cause of 68RFE OD clutch failure and how the groundbreaking Smart-Tech® overdrive clutch housing kit 72960-16K eliminates every clutch problem to deliver maximum clutch durability and squawk resistance in any vehicle.

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