October 22, 2010

Manual Valve Confusion

Jeff Parlee

While doing research on the Aisin AW 6-speeds, I found that the Ford/Mazda (TF-81SC) manual valve and the Volvo (TF-80SC) manual valve are almost identical. Both look the same at a glance, but up close there are critical differences. I also noticed that these two valves are just about the same as an AW55-50 manual valve (Figure 2). All three have the same outside diameter of .471". Even the "Z" links look the same until you lay them side by side (do not interchange the valves or the "Z" links). That got me thinking about other manual valves that look almost identical, so I decided to put together a photo I.D. and chart with the description of each. These are just the commonly confused manual valves which can give you big problems.

Spds.Car typeTransmission typeDiameterLength
4All makesAW50-40/AW50-42.392"3 5/8"
5All makesAW55-50, RE5F22A & AF33-5.471"4 5/16"
6Ford/MazdaAF-21, AW6A-EL, AW6AX-EL or TF-81SC.471"4 ½"
6Volvo styleAF-40/TF-80SC.471"4 11/32"
5VW, Land Rover, And JaguarJF506-E.472"4 ½"
5MazdaJF506-E.472"4 13/16"
4Nissan (angle cut at slot)RE4R01A.472"4 15/16"
4NissanRE4F04A.472"4 11/16"
4NissanRE4F04B.472"4 11/16"
4Subaru4EAT 1999 & up.472"5 1/8" with wide slot
4Subaru4EAT 1999 & up.472"4 7/8" with narrow slot
4Subaru (angle cut at slot)R4AX-EL.472"4 15/16"
4ToyotaU140E/U240E/U241E.511"4 3/8"
5Toyota (ID groove)U150E/U151E/U250E.511"4 ¼"

The Aisin AW 5- and 6-speeds have larger manual valve diameters (Figure 1).

The RE4R01A and the Subaru R4AX-EL valve bodies use the same manual valve (Figure 4). This valve has an angled cut at the linkage end of the valve. The RE4F04A and RE4F04B use the same manual valve.

The Subaru 4EAT(Figure 5) could use either of the valves shown above. To determine which valve to use, look at the internal manual linkage to see which valve is the correct fit. The wide internal linkage uses the long manual valve, and the pin type internal linkage uses the short manual valve.

Look for the identification groove cut into the U150E style manual valve (Figure 6). The U140E style manual valve does not have an identification groove.

Jeff Parlee is Director of Product Support and a member of the Sonnax TASC Force (Technical Automotive Specialties Committee), a group of recognized industry technical specialists, transmission rebuilders and Sonnax Industries Inc. technicians.

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