The ORIGINAL Powerglide 10-Clutch Drum

The ORIGINAL Powerglide
10-Clutch Drum

The Sonnax 10-clutch system increases lockup surface for significantly more torque capacity than modified OE drums. Sonnax invented this powerhouse upgrade more than a decade ago, and its proven dependability makes it the most popular choice among racers.

  • Patented drum, hub & piston system improves clutch capacity for maximum durability
  • High-strength drum with reduced rotating mass improves on-track acceleration
  • 6061 Forged piston will not crack like cast pistons
  • Forged chromoly clutch hub guarantees your power makes it to the wheels

Tune Clutch Capacity with Confidence

10-Clutch Drum, Hub & Piston Kits

The essential components of a 10-clutch setup with the flexibility of adding your own build options.

Complete 10-Clutch Drum Kits

Comprehensive kits with all drum components, including Kolene® steels and .060" frictions.

Smart-Tech® 10-Clutch Drum Kit – More Apply Area than Any Drum on the Track

The Smart-Tech kit’s 35% larger piston maximizes both engaging and holding capacity of the Sonnax 10-clutch system. Smart-Tech components give you the option to reduce line pressure for greater efficiency, or drop to seven frictions for less parasitic drag and improved heat dissipation while retaining 10-clutch capacity.

Looking for Standard High Clutch Drums?

Sonnax offers high-quality, direct replacement drums individually or as part of a drum, hub and piston kit that accepts extra frictions for increased torque and holding power.

Drum, Hub & Piston Kits Complete 10 Clutch Drum Kits Smart-Tech Kit
Drum, Hub & Piston Kits Complete Kits Smart-Tech Kit
Part No. 28756-15K 28756-16K 28756-01K 28756-08K 28756-25K
Includes Pump-to-Drum Bearing No Yes No Yes Yes
Hub & Steel Details No lightening holes in hub No lightening holes in hub 12-Tooth steels w/out turbulator holes; Lightening holes in hub 24-Tooth steels with turbulator holes; No lightening holes in hub No lightening holes in hub
Kits with bearings also include a shim for use in pumps that were previously machined. See more Powerglide performance optionsSee all high performance upgrades