Evaluating Rebuild Options When Time is Money

What’s the Best Rebuild Option for Your Shop? Use this tool to find out!

When a rebuild job rolls in, determining the best course of action isn’t easy. Should you repair in-house with aftermarket kits, parts and tools? Find a good salvaged unit, purchase a new or reman unit, or contact the dealer? You need to make the best decision for your shop, and time is money.

We designed this online calculator to help you decide. Answer some questions below about your shop and what options you are considering today and we’ll calculate the costs for you. When you’re finished, download a PDF of the results for your records!

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What options do you want to compare?

Shop Details

Information used to calculate potential loss per unit due to production delays, lost jobs, and comebacks.


Labor Costs

Lead Time & Comeback Rate

What percent of comebacks do you get due to failure?

Sell Price

How much will you sell the unit for?

Net Profit


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(Total Cost: $)


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