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Remanufactured Valve Body


096, 097, 098 Remanufactured Valve Body VW201

096, 097, 098
Remanufactured Valve Body VW201

Sonnax rebuilt valve body VW201 is no longer in production. Please check with your distributor for availability. For service inquiries, please see details on Sonnax’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on remanufactured valve bodies.

Zip Kits

Bushing Kit 119905-02K

    Helps cure:
  • Clutch failure
  • Delayed Reverse
  • Flare shifts
  • Shudder shifts
  • Low line pressure
  • Low clutch oil pressure
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Manual Valve Operating Rod 119940-23

    Helps cure:
  • Bent operating rod
  • Lost operating rod
Valve Body
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Oversized Boost Regulator Valve Kit 119940-07K

    Helps cure:
  • Harsh Reverse
  • Delayed engagement
  • High line pressure
  • Low line pressure
  • No line rise
  • Converter concerns
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Oversized Solenoid Regulator Valve 119940-06K

    Helps cure:
  • 2-3 Late
  • No 3-4
  • Wrong gear starts
  • No line rise
  • No 2-3
  • 3-4 Late
  • 2-3 Bind-up
  • Loss of gear
Zip Kits

Ratcheting End Plug 119940-22

    Helps cure:
  • Broken end plugs
  • Line pressure cannot be adjusted
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Solenoid 119954-02


    Helps cure:
  • Line pressure instability
  • TCC apply & release concerns
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Remote Transmission Cooler Adapter Kit 119814-01K

    Helps cure:
  • Coolers cannot be flushed out
  • Leaking OE coolers
  • Overheating
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Tool Kit F-119940-TL6

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Tool Kit F-119940-TL7