Sonnax offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all remanufactured valve bodies so you know you’re getting quality, performance and value you can trust.

The following remanufactured valve bodies are no longer in production but are still covered by the limited lifetime warranty.

Make Remanufactured Valve Body Sonnax Part No.
Aisin AW 50-40LE, 50-42LE 4 Solenoid AW5042
Aisin AW 50-40LE, 50-42LE 5 Solenoid AW50425
Aisin AW, VW/Audi 09D, TR-60SN without Pressure Switches AW6VWR8
Aisin AW, VW/Audi 09D, TR-60SN with Pressure Switches AW6VWR9
Aisin AW, VW/Audi 09G, 09K, 09M, TF-60SN '13-Earlier, Large Cans, Remote Cooler, without Switches AW6VWF4
Aisin AW, VW/Audi 09G, 09K, 09M, TF-60SN '13-Earlier, Small Cans, Cooler on Case, without Switches AW6VWF7
Aisin AW, VW/Audi 09G, 09K, 09M, TF-60SN '13-Earlier, Small Cans, Remote Cooler, without Switches AW6VWF8
BMW, GM 6L45 Late-Design Separator Plate, BMW BMW6L45L
Chrysler 41TE ’96–’98 with internal round pin MLPS switch CHR194
Chrysler 42LE ’93–’98 with round pin MLPS switch CHR193
Chrysler 42RE, 44RE ’99-Earlier, Small Pump Inlet, Early Sensor CHR110
Chrysler 42RE, 44RE ’99-Earlier, Large Pump Inlet, Early Sensor CHR111
Chrysler 42RE, 44RE ’00-Later, Large Pump Inlet, Late Sensor CHR113
Chrysler 42RH, 44RH Hydraulic, without Tube CHR105
Chrysler 42RH, 44RH Hydraulic, with Tube CHR107
Chrysler 42RLE Without MLPS switch CHR198
Chrysler 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE ’09-Later CHR141
Chrysler 46RE, 47RE ’00-Later, Late Sensor CHR132
Chrysler 48RE '03-Later CHR133
Chrysler 68RFE ’08-Earlier CHR143
Chrysler 68RFE ’09-Later CHR144
Chrysler A404, A413 Non-Lockup CHR190
Chrysler A470, A670 Lockup CHR191
Chrysler A727 Non-Lockup CHR120
Chrysler A727 Hydraulic Lockup CHR121
Chrysler A727 Lockup, 1 Wire Solenoid CHR122
Chrysler A727 Lockup, 2 Wire Solenoid CHR123
Chrysler A904 Non-Lockup CHR100
Chrysler A904 Hydraulic Lockup CHR101
Chrysler A904 Lockup, 1 Wire Solenoid CHR102
Chrysler A904 Lockup, 2 Wire Solenoid, Small Pump Inlet CHR103
Ford 4F50N ’04-Later F087
Ford 4F50N, AX4N ’98–’03 F089
Ford 4R100 With PTO, F8 Casting Number F044
Ford 4R70W ’96–’97, includes solenoids F093
Ford 5R55N F030
Ford 6F35 (Gen. 2), 6F35 (Gen. 3) FD6F35-G2
Ford 6R75 FZR75
Ford AOD ’80–’88 F096
Ford AOD ’89–’93 F097
Ford AODE ’92 F091
Ford ATX F073
Ford AX4N ’94–’98 F088
Ford AX4S 93-'98 F083
Ford AX4S '97-'98, Blue Lockup Solenoid F084
Ford AX4S ’98-Later, XF/YF Casting F085
Ford AXODE '91 F081
Ford AXODE '92 F082
Ford C4 F060
Ford C5 F061
Ford C6 Gas F062
Ford C6 Diesel F063
Ford, Mazda CD4E, LA4A-EL F3 Casting, without Solenoid Pack FM065
GM 200-4R GM016
GM 3T40 (TH125C) With 3-Prong 2nd Switch GM003
GM 3T40 (TH125C) without 3-Prong 2nd Switch GM004
GM 4L60 Hydraulic TCC GM043
GM 4L60 Electronic TCC GM044
GM 4L60-E Colorado, Hummer GM052
GM 4L80-E '91-'92, with Screw in Temp Sensor GM026
GM 4T40-E, 4T45-E ’04–’05 GM062
GM 4T40-E, 4T45-E ’06–’08 GM063
GM 4T60-E '91-'92 GM031
GM 4T60-E ’93-Later GM032
GM 4T65-E with Holley EPC, 3-Piece Pump GM034
GM 4T65-E Volvo, '99-'02 GM039
GM 4T65-E Volvo, '03-Later GM040
GM 4T65-E '97-'02, GM-Style, One Blow-Off Ball, Channel Plate Casting #24211900 GM171
GM 4T65-E Mid-'02-Later, GM-Style, Two Blow-Off Balls, Channel Plate Casting #24224086 or 24229721 GM172
GM 4T65-E Mid-'02-Later, GM-Style, One Blow-Off Ball, Channel Plate Casting #24224896 GM173
GM 4T65-E '99-'02, Volvo and GM Tap Shift-Style, Two Blow-Off Balls, Channel Plate Casting #24213496 GM174
GM 4T65-E '03-Later, Volvo and GM Tap Shift-Style, Two Blow-Off Balls, Channel Plate Casting #24224897 or 24229720 GM175
GM 4T80-E 93-'03, Upper GM080
GM 4T80-E '04-Later, Upper GM081
GM 4T80-E 93-'99, Lower, without Stamp Code 1193 GM084
GM 4T80-E 94, Lower, with Stamp Code 1193 GM085
GM 4T80-E '00-'03, Lower GM086
GM 4T80-E '03-Later, Lower, with 5286 Stamp Code GM087
GM 5L40-E BMW, Diesel BMW010
GM 5L40-E Range Rover, Diesel GM071
GM 5L50-E 374 Separator Plate Code GM072
GM 6L45 ’10-Later GM GM6L45L
GM 6L45, 6L50 ’06–’09 GM GM6L45E
GM TH400 Without Reverse Checkball GM024
GM TH400 With Reverse Checkball GM025
Jatco JF506E Jaguar or Land Rover JAG506
Jatco RE4F04B Short wiring harness NIS136
Jatco, Mazda JF506E Mazda MAZ506
Jatco, Nissan JR403E NIS130
Jatco, Nissan RE4F02A NIS133
Jatco, Nissan RE5R05A 1st Design, 10–15 Ohm Low Coast Solenoid. Infinity Models Only. NIS501
Jatco, Nissan RE5R05A 2nd Design, 10–15 Ohms Low Coast Solenoid. Infinity Models Only. NIS504
Jatco, Nissan RL4F02A NIS132
Jatco, Nissan RL4R01A NIS126
Jatco, VW/Audi 09A, JF506E Jaguar, Land Rover, VW VW506
Mazda F4A-EL Kia-Style FM090
Mazda F4A-EL Without Tube FM091
Mazda F4A-EL, F4EAT 5 Solenoid FM089
Mazda F4EAT 4 Solenoid FM088
Mazda G4A-EL 4 Solenoid FM093
Mazda GF4A-EL 7 Solenoid, Wired TOT FM094
Mazda GF4A-EL 6 Solenoid, Wired TOT FM095
Mazda GF4A-EL 7 Solenoid, Plug TOT FM096
Mazda GF4A-EL 6 Solenoid, Plug TOT FM097
Mazda LJ4A-EL NIS138
Mercedes 722.6 Jaguar, Casting #0006 JAG0006
Mercedes 722.6 Mercedes, Casting #0206 MER0206
Mercedes 722.6 Mercedes, Casting #0406 MER0406
Mercedes 722.6 Mercedes, Casting #0606 MER0606
Mini VT1 MIN600
Mitsubishi F4A41/42/51 5 Solenoid MIT230
Mitsubishi F4A41/42/51 6 Solenoid MIT232
Mitsubishi F5A51 6 Solenoid MIT231
Mitsubishi F5A51 7 Solenoid MIT233
Mitsubishi KM 4-Speeds 3 Ohm Lockup Solenoid MIT225
Mitsubishi KM 4-Speeds 14 Ohm Lockup Solenoid MIT226
Mitsubishi R4/V4A51 MIT149
Mitsubishi R5A51, V5A51 MIT150
Subaru 4EAT ’98–’00 SUB130
Subaru 4EAT ’01–’04 SUB131
Subaru R4AX-EL SUB129
Toyota/Lexus A540E with Lube Tube Feed Hole TOY155
Toyota/Lexus A540E without Lube Tube Feed Hole TOY156
Toyota/Lexus A540H TOY157
Toyota/Lexus A750E, A750F TOY750
Toyota/Lexus A760E, A760F, A760H TOY760
Toyota/Lexus A761E TOY761
Toyota/Lexus A960E, A960F TOY960
Toyota/Lexus AB60E, AB60F TOYAB60
VW/Audi 01M Tiptronic VW209
VW/Audi 096, 097, 098 VW201
ZF ZF5HP19 Porsche & VW/Audi, with bolt-on speed sensor BMW002
ZF ZF5HP19 Porsche Only, with Bolt-on Speed Sensor and Green EPC Solenoid BMW003
ZF ZF5HP24 BMW/Jaguar/Land Rover, with black EDS1 solenoid BMW006
ZF ZF5HP24 BMW/Jaguar/Land Rover, with green EDS1 solenoid BMW008
ZF ZF5HP24, ZF5HP24A VW/Audi, early, with 3 blue & 5 green solenoids BMW007E
ZF ZF6HP26 For use with and without 053 separator plate. BMW626