• Burnt clutches
  • Excess hub-to-bushing clearance
  • 2nd Quality poor
  • 2nd Erratic


Poor tolerancing of the OEM bushings allows critical lube to exhaust.


Replace the E1/E2 clutch drum bushing with this tighter-fitting bushing.


E1/E2 Clutch Drum Bushing
Part No. 120002

E1/E2 Clutch Drum

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OE replacement bushings can allow critical line pressure to exhaust because of poor fit. This line pressure feeds the E2 clutch and provides critical lube. When the bushing is worn or incorrectly toleranced, it will result in poor or erratic 2nd gear shifts, burned clutches and loss of lube. The Sonnax replacement bushing 120002 is designed to provide the proper clearance for this application.

  • Bushing is constructed from durable steel backed aluminum for better wear resistance than the OE bushing.
  • Bushing is precision machined to provide the correct clearance with the mating shaft

The Sonnax bushing is designed to maintain minimal clearance between the bore and the mating shaft to greatly enhance the life of the bushing. As a result, there may be situations where the mating shaft and bushing don't fit due to some small interference. In this instance you may carefully polish the bushing bore with fine emery cloth or a fine abrasive hand pad until the shaft fits in the bushing.

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Steel-backed aluminum alloy
  • AL-4, DPO E1/E2 Clutch Drum Bushing 120002
  • AL-4, DPO E1/E2 Clutch Drum Bushing 120002