• Rear housing wear
  • Damaged transfer cases must be scrapped
  • Pin-hole oil leaks in rear transfer case housing


Constant movement of the transfer case pump locating tabs in the rear half of the magnesium housing creates wear due to the abrasiveness of the aluminum and the concentrated contact of the pump tabs against the magnesium housing.


Eliminate all aluminum and steel contact of the OE pump parts with the soft magnesium housing by using the easily installed Sonnax transfer case pump plate with abrasion-resistant plastic contact tabs

New Process 230 & 240 Series

Transfer Case Pump Plate Kit
Part No. 100246-02K

NP 136, 149, 236, 246, 261, 263

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Accelerated wear of magnesium transfer case housings has been documented anytime internal parts move against the magnesium. This is especially evident in New Venture/New Process 136, 149, 236, 246, 261 and 263 transfer cases. The sharp edges of the aluminum pump locating tabs cut through the soft magnesium, or other times the sharp edges of the OE U-shaped insert wear a larger area above the pump tabs.

A small amount of movement of the pump is necessary to keep the pump centered on the output shaft. Any metal in contact with the magnesium causes rapid fretting wear of the soft magnesium, resulting in pinhole leaks.

Sonnax transfer case pump plate kit 100246-02K eliminates all metal-to-magnesium contact of the pump by replacing the OE pump tabs with low-friction plastic inserts, and eliminating the U-shaped steel insert. The Sonnax tab design relocates contact away from the original wear points, so any weld or patches on worn housings will not be disturbed.

  • Quick, bolt-on plate is easy to install
  • Abrasion-resistant plastic contact tabs replace thin OE lugs and U-shaped steel insert
  • May be used with previously patched/welded case
  • Eliminates future wear issues
  • Plate
  • Plastic Contact Tabs (8)
  • Screws (6)

  • New Process 230 & 240 Series Transfer Case Pump Plate Kit 100246-02K
  • New Process 230 & 240 Series Transfer Case Pump Plate Kit 100246-02K